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Unfair Business Practices

One of the pillars of a strong, free market economy is making sure that businesses are allowed to compete on a level playing field. While competition itself proves very beneficial to the consumer and even in making other businesses more efficient and relevant, when another competitor is given a blatantly unfair advantage, it can be quite disruptive to our system of commerce. Even a public perception of a business employing unfair tactics can sully the reputation of that company, doing it irreparable harm. A business law firm can go to work on your behalf, whether you seek to end the practices of another party or are defending against an unsubstantiated claim yourself.

Our state, through the Unfair Competition Law (UCL), has some of the strongest regulations in the country aimed at preventing harmful and unfair business practices, as well as illegal and fraudulent behavior. It is the intent of this law to hold businesses accountable for their actions, and if your company has been negatively affected by such actions of another business, we can assist you in taking immediate legal action to protect your best interests. As of 2004 with the passing of Proposition 64 by voters, it can now also prove a bit trickier to bring lawsuits that do not meet the traditional requirements of a class action suit. So if your company needs assistance defending against an unfair practice lawsuit, our team is also prepared to fight tenaciously.

We at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation understand the importance of providing both strong offensive measures against unfair business practices, as well as defending against unmerited claims. A fair legal system involves balance. Our team is well-prepared to go to work for your needs, and our attorneys will litigate aggressively on your behalf.

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