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Investor and Shareholder Issues

Without the efforts and input of investors and shareholders, it would be a hard road to plow within the field of business. When disputes, problems or improprieties arise with both of these important groups, it can lead to serious legal troubles and consequently put a great strain upon a business. Swift legal action must be taken to protect your company's best interests, and a business litigation attorney can provide this important representation.

Issues with an investor generally surround contract disputes. A common example is a failure to provide financing for which an investor was contractually obligated. A business will forge ahead with what it needs to accomplish on the promise of a much-needed cash influx. When the money never arrives, it can leave a company in a truly untenable position. As the business scrambles to find alternative financing, the bottom line suffers greatly. Shareholder problems arise out of improper sales of restricted stocks or other actions which are damaging to a corporation. Such conflicts can be draining upon the resources of a business and can do it irreparable harm. Both investor and stockholder issues must thus be brought to resolution as soon as possible through diligent legal efforts.

A Firm with a Solution

We at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation keenly understand the precarious situation that an investor or shareholder dispute can put a company in. Well-equipped to move ahead with mediation and litigation in an expedient and exemplary manner, our team of attorneys is fully focused on your business' best interest. We know that a speedy resolution to corporate disputes and problems is crucial to the long-term viability and success of any business. As you focus on ensuring smoother sailing for your company, we can go to work on skillful resolution of the investor or shareholder issues that are currently plaguing it.

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