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Has your company had a trademark infringed upon?

Trademarks are an important part of the way we do business. Through the employment of these distinctive signs and indicators, businesses can identify and distinguish their products and services as different from others. Your company may use trademarks to make sure that customers know that a product originated from your business, and when other entities violate your trademark rights, it can do you a great deal of harm - both in the form of reputation damage and financial loss. Or equally as tumultuous would be a situation where another company suddenly laid legal claim to a trademark you had been doing business under. To begin work in pursuit of a trademark dispute or infringement, a business litigation attorney can be of immense help.

Due to their importance, trademark protection can be a critical thing for any business. It does not matter if a product or service is unregistered (TM or SM) or registered (®), it is protected under law from infringement by another business. Though registered trademarks enjoy a wider range of protections, including nation-wide enforcement, an unregistered mark can still carry with it legal protection in geographical regions where it is recognizable and established.

Protect Your Hard Work

In the end, trademark disputes enter a very complicated area of law and you will need an attorney by your side who fully understands its intricacies. An alleged violator will likely claim that your trademark has not been adequately publicized or is not recognized to a high enough degree to merit your infringement suit. The team at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation will evaluate your dispute and give it the full legal attention that it deserves. Establishing a solid strategy for protecting your investments and best interests, our attorneys will work tenaciously towards these efforts.

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