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Protecting Your Business' Best Interests

Even those who are not involved in day to day running of a business understand the importance of honoring a contract. This legally binding agreement between two or more people or entities, when properly constructed to include all required elements can be enforced by law. Such enforcement is critical to doing ethical and trustworthy business and is a pillar of our economy. When a breach occurs, it can put your business in a perilous place. A lawyer can offer immediate counsel on breach of contract matters.

How exactly can a breach of contract occur? In the most traditional sense, it involves the failure of one party to provide goods or service for which a contract provided. This may include a complete failure to deliver, or the failure to do so within the timeline which was outlined in the contract. Another example might be an employee who has signed a contract with a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement included, and then has proceeded to steal trade secrets or other intellectual property. All of these examples place a business in serious risk of financial loss. A skilled attorney can represent your company through mediation or negotiation as an option for resolution, or if needed, pursue restitution aggressively in the courtroom.

How We Help

It is critical to the continuance of our society and system of commerce that legal contracts be upheld. We at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation firmly believe in pursuing those who have not fulfilled a contract and we know that such a breach can lead to immense losses. Our attorneys will work closely with your company through each possible step to resolution and can put their experience and knowledge in the field of business litigation to excellent work for your case.

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